Transmission Line

Transmission Lines Projects

NETRACON has constructed more than 2000km long Transmission Lines ranging from 110kV to 500kV in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Cameroon, and Georgia. NETRACON has rich experience in designing and constructing a variety of foundations, according to soil condition, like Conventional foundation, Pile foundation, Submerged foundation, Grillage foundation. According to geographic conditions, altitude of land, the transmission line tower erection are done to the situations by using Gin pole, Crane, helicopter and in some cases manual (member by member). While doing stringing we deploy the tensioner/puller in the most professional way. Our crews have performed outstandingly well in all types of terrains especially in mountainous areas of Pakistan, the snow-covered hilly terrains of Afghanistan, the chilly but populous city of Kabul, marshy lands of the Philippines, and the thick forestry stretches of Ethiopia, Cameroon, and Ghana.

After our incorporation in 1997, in Malaysia as a transmission lines and civil works construction company, we had our first major breakthrough in commencing formal operations on a 500kV line for M/S ZELLECO-ABB SAE SADELMI J/V. On the successful completion of jobs in Malaysia, M/S ABB SAE SADELMI-Milano Italy and M/S NEIE, sub-contracted us with the stringing jobs of 230kV and 500kV double circuit quad bundled transmission lines, in Luzon-Phillippines. We have completed the EPC-Project of a 40km long 500kV double circuit quad bundled conductor LILO (Line In and Line Out) of existing 500kV Multan – Gatti T/L, for 500kV Faisalabad West Grid Station.

NETRACON has performed exceptionally well to complete the turnkey project of a 209km long 132kV T/L from Golengol-Chitral-Mir Khan New-Chukiatan-Timergaraha/Chakdara across Lawaree Top of 3500m. Along with a 132kV Grid Station at Chitral, and 132kV Grid Station Extensions at Timergarah and Chakdarah, awarded by WAPDA (Lot 4.1 & 4.2). Most of T/L has been constructed on 220kV Transmission Line parameters, due to geological complications of the area. We have completed a turnkey project of constructing 2 x 500kV double circuit quad bundled conductors (42km, and a 220kV) 52km long Line In and Line Out for 500kV Shikarpur Grid Station awarded by NTDC on an EPC basis.

NETRACON TECH took on a challenging project of 122km long 220kV from Argandee (Kabul) to Ghazni transmission line, along with the 220kV SS at Syedabad and Ghazni. They have been completed, tested and energized by NETRACON for KEC International. We completed the ADB financed 220kV double circuit Kunduz-Taloqaan transmission line of 68km on an EPC basis, as a partner of KEC-NETRACON Consortium.

NETRACON took over the challenging job of rehabilitating the power supply system for Kabul, with the objective of contributing to the process of reconstruction in the war rampaged country despite security concerns. Our crew played a vital role in supplementing works in Afghanistan, by erecting and stringing most of the towers for the 220kV link, from Uzbekistan to Kabul. In the Eastern regions of Africa, in Ethiopia, NETRACON TECH assisted KEC to complete the construction of a 400kV GILGILGIBE power transmission line project.

In the Western regions of Africa, we erected and strung the 235km long 330km long 330kV Aboadze-Volta transmission line project. NETRACON TECH effectively carried out the works of tower erection and the stringing of 100km long 225kV transmission line from Kribi-Mangonbe for Kribi Power Development Company (KPDC – a AES – USA company) as a subcontractor of KEC International. During these volatile times due to Covid – 19, we have commented that the site works on the newly acquired but challenging EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) project of +/- 500kV HVDC, from the Afghanistan border to Nowshera