Sub Station

Sub-Station Projects

Netracon has constructed more than 35 Sub-Stations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan among most of them as EPC. These Sub-Stations are ranging from 110kV, 132kV, 220kV to 500kV. We have experience in the Construction of AIS and GIS Sub-Stations. Our quality and efficiency of work are unmatched. We constructed fast-track Projects in time. Our capable team has experience in the construction of highly complex GIS projects e.g. In Tajikistan, we have completed 500kV GIS along with the up-gradation of Control House installation.

Netracon was entrusted with highly sophisticated high-tech work by NTDC. The work was included Upgradation of a protection system of 11 No. 500kV and 220kV Sub-Station including the installation of SEL-421 distance Relays, SEL-751 Thermal Overload Relays, SEL-787 Transformer Differential, REF Earth fault Protection, etc. We also have experience in the construction of civil works and Installation of 500kV Shunt Reactor.

Netracon has the honor of successfully completing the design, construction of civil works, and installation of 150 MVA Transformers, Thyristor Valve, Thyristor Controlled Reactors (TCR), Thyristor Switched Capacitors (TSC), Harmonic Filters, Cooling Tower, pumping system and control & protection system. Netracon is privileged to have all necessary resources for installation and all relevant equipment required for testing and commissioning.

We have managed to stay ahead of the completion schedule, with respect to the design and construction of civil and building works for the 500/200/132kV Sub-Station, in Faisalabad (west) on behalf of General Electric (GE), the quality of work has been highly appreciated by the engineer and client. We recently completed the extension works of the design and construction of civil works, installation of equipment, and testing and commissioning of 500kV Sahiwal on behalf of Siemens. The newly installed 500/220kV and 600 MVA transformers bank, managed to provide a lot of relief within the Sahiwal region.

Earlier in 2013, we successfully completed civil works, installation works, and testing and commissioning 220kV GIS Switchyard for Nurek Hydro Power Plant. Along with the installation of OPGW and new peaks for 220kV OHL from Nurek to Dushanbe, and 220kV line feeder replacements on seven remote substations for Alstom. We completed EPC jobs of design, procurement, and construction of 132kV Sub-Station, in Chitral and extension works of 132kV at Timergarah and Chakdara Grid Stations, under a turnkey Contract of Golengol Project awarded by WAPDA.

We accepted the challenge of constructing 220kV Grid Stations at Syedabad (Maidan e Wardak) and Ghazany, Afghanistan as a back-to-back contractor for KEC International. The gigantic civil works for the site improvement of Ghazany Grid Station, such as 4.7km long retaining walls, and installation of equipment was carried out in the most adverse security conditions, as the region was an active war zone. NETRACON also constructed 220kV Grid Stations at Mazar-e-Sharif and Pul-e-Khumri for ABB Germany. Similarly, we supported Siemens to complete a 110kV Kabul East Sub-Station.

We carried out the installation of equipment and testing and commissioning of 132kV Switchyard at JDW Project -United Sugar Mill (USM) for Siemens in November 2014. We also completed the installation of equipment and testing and commissioning of 132kV Switchyard at JDW Project – Ghotki Sugar Mill for Siemens in 2015. Other than that, we completed installation of equipment and testing & commissioning of a 132kV switchyard at Rahim Yar Khan Sugar Mills (Jam pore Energy) in 2015.

During 2012-2013, NETRACON successfully designed, constructed, installed, tested and commissioned seven 132kV Grid Stations, on behalf of Hyundai Engineering Company, in the GEPCO area. Six were AIS at Hafizabad, Pindi Bhattian, Sialkot GIS, Phalia, Gujrat and Chianwali, while the seventh was GIS at Sialkot.

During 2012-2013, we constructed, installed, tested, and commissioned two 132kV Substations at Kolo Tarar and Jalalpur Nau (GEPCO area). Along with completing the turnkey job of 132kV transmission lines including, tension stringing to feed both Grid Stations, on behalf of Siemens. NETRACON, designed and constructed civil works, installed equipment, and tested and commissioned the GIS at Sheranwala Bagh and AIS Khayali Bypass, and 132kV Grid Stations in Gujranwala on behalf of ABB/GEPCO which were energized on August 14 and October 1, 2015, respectively.

NETRACON erected a 220kV switchyard for the 175MW Doosan Power House, in Daharki on behalf of Siemens Pakistan. We were also responsible for the completion of 132kV Switchyard for 225MW combined cycle, Bhikki Power Project, on behalf of ABB/DESCON. NETRACON UAE (then CONDESCON) completed the EPC works of design, procurement, and construction of 110kV GIS Grid Station with 2 x 40 MVA transformers, capacitor banks, and 110kV OHL (Overhead Transmission Line) interconnection at Gardagh, Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2019.