220kV Grid Station, SVC, New Kotlakhpat, Lahore

Ultra High-Tech job of 450MVA Static VAR Compensator (SVC) at 220kV New Kot Lakhpat, Lahore

NETRACON Technologies performed successfully the challenging project of 1st ever Ultra High-Tech job of 450MVA Static VAR Compensator (SVC) at 220kV New Kot Lakhpat, Lahore. The job was executed for ABB with Design & Construction of civil works & Control Building, Installation of SVC Equipment, and providing assistance to ABB for Testing and Commissioning.

Description of Facilities Developed under the Project

a) Structural Design & Construction of Civil Works
  • Fiber Reinforced Foundation for Reactors
  • RCC Foundations for 4×150 MVA Power Transformers, Surge Arrestors, Capacitors, Resistors, Lightning Masts, Rigid Tubular Bus Bar Supports & other equipment.
  • RCC Moving area consisting of Rails, Hauling Hooks, and jacking Pads for movement of Transformers.
  • RCC Firewalls with provisions of Overhead bus bar support installation.
  • RCC Frame Structure Control House Building with Fiber Reinforced concrete supports along with embedded Non-magnetic Stainless-Steel Frames for bushings, Vibratory Resistant Flooring for Thyristors, mechanically interlocked doors with panic handles, Overhead Cable ladders, HVAC system with special provision for dust proofing and maximum temperature maintenance, Indoor/Outdoor Lighting System, Fire Fighting, Smoke detectors along with automated Fire Alarm arrangements.
  • RCC Trenches, Drainage Works, Switchyard Fencing including Non-Conductive/Non-Magnetic Fence, mechanically interlocked Switchyard gates, main Entry Gates, RCC Walkways and Roads for movement of vehicles.
  • 132kV High Voltage Foundation works including Gantries, Post Insulators, Disconnectors, Circuit Breakers, and other equipment.
b) Installation of Equipment
  • Resistors, Capacitor Banks, Reactors, Thyristor Switched Capacitors (TSC), Thyristor Controlled Reactors (TCR), Harmonic Filters, Circuit Breakers, Instrument Transformers, Fast acting controllers.
  • Installation, Oil Filling, dehydration, testing, and commissioning of 4-150 MVA Power Transformers.
  • Cooling System including a Pump station, cooling tower, and allied piping works.
  • Overhead disconnect switches along with overhead Current Transformers and Low-level Current Transformers.
  • Control & Protection along with AC and DC Control Cubicles and Voltage stabilizers.
  • Thyristor Valves along with their Fiber optic wiring connections and their interconnection to bushings.
  • MIG welding of more than 6000 Joints of Aluminum Tubular/Flat Busbars along with welded dropper terminals connected to all the switchyard equipment via welded/bolted connectors.
  • Laying and interconnection of MV Cable, Control and Power Cable laying via conduits connected to trenches, Grounding of Equipment and Steel Structures.

Date of Completion: 20th January 2016

Project Completion Certificate