220kV and 110kV Transmission Line, Sarobi – Breshna Kot, Afghanistan

Rehabilitation works of 110kV D/C T/line & Rehabilitation works of 110kV Overhead line from Sarobi Hydro Power Plant to Breshna Kot 110/15 (20) KV Substation & Rehabilitation of the 20kV Double Circuit Overhead Line from 110/15 (20) kV Substation Breshna Kot to junction Stations I & III

  • Detailed Inspection & Survey, Plan/Profile Preparation, Foundation repair, Erection of new Towers, Rehabilitation of old towers by fabricating the new components to replace the damaged ones including Re-erection of damaged towers and Tension Stringing of 110kV D/C T/Lines with 6 conductors & OPGW of the following sections:

The following jobs were executed for the successful completion of job:

  • Survey, Profile, tower spotting
  • Detailed inspection & preparation of fabrication details of missing/damaged parts
  • Calculation of SAG data
  • Basic design of towers for 110kV & 20kV T/lines
  • Erection of new towers
  • Rehabilitation of existing towers
  • Stringing and sagging of the full overhead line
  • Butt Jointing
  • Coordination of local transports
  • Installation and coordination of local warehouse.
    • Erection of New Towers, Fabrication of missing/damaged components & Rehabilitation / Dismantlement / Erection of the existing Towers & tension Stringing of ACSR & OPGWfor 110 kV T/Line from Kabul East to Breshna Kot – Kabul Afghanistan.
    • Inspection, Survey, Profile Preparation, Design & study of Suspension & Tension Towers, Foundation Repair, Rehabilitation of Existing Towers, Erection of New Towers and Tension Stringing of 20 kV T/Line from
  • i) Breshna Kot to Junction # 1 Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • i) Breshna Kot to Junction # 3 Kabul, Afghanistan.

The job was executed in the period between 06/2003 – 04/2005.


Project Completion Certificate