220kV Transmission Line, 115km Qalat – Kandahar

220kV Transmission Line, 115km Qalat – Kandahar

The survey, Construction of Towers foundation (civil work), Erection of towers, Stringing of Twin Bundle Conductors and Stringing of OPGW of 114 Km out of 363 Km.

The project was aimed to supply the electricity from Tajikistan/Turkmenistan to Kandahar through Ghazni, Qarabagh, Muqor, Shajoye, Qallat.

All the areas are without electricity. In Kandahar city, the condition of electricity is very poor and the whole area is often in darkness due to load shedding.

The whole area consists of plains and hilly terrain. Work is in progress.

Location: Qallat – Kandahar section

Employer: Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) 

Main Contractor: KEC International Ltd India

Engineer: Tetra Tech

Date of Award: 8th July 2018

Funding: USAID