220kV Transmission Line, Pull-e-Khumri, Kabul

220kV Pull-e-Khumri-Chimtala Kabul T/Line through Slang top

NETRACON crews have undertaken & completed the jobs of erection of Towers in most difficult situations and high mountains (at 4000M altitude) and Tension stringing of conductors/OPGW as well as splicing/testing in the most professional way. It includes the following jobs:

  • Erection of Towers & Stringing of Conductor / OPGW, Testing & Commissioning of 220 kV Double Circuit, Pulle Kumeree- Kunduz – Sher Khan bandar – 163 kM

Erection of Towers for 220kV D/C

  • Hairatan – Mazar e Shareef T/L Section                             129 Towers
  • Mazar e Shareef – Pulle Khummeree T/L Section             81 Towers
  • Pulle Khummeree – Kabul T/Line , T/L Section                   87 Towers

Stringing of six conductors & OPGW

  • 220kV D/C Pull – Kabul Section                                                  37 Km


Date of Start: July, 2006

Date of Completion: November, 2008

Client: MEW / KEC Int’l

Project Completion Certificate