NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES is committed in making at discernible difference in communities and areas it works in. We are mindful of our social responsibilities, and are transparent and accountable towards the socio-economic prosperity of our people. The spirit of altruism and innovation is reflected in our corporate culture and the social investments across various regions. We aim at introducing progressive improvements to empower people, with the necessities and tools they require to improve and self-sustain their lives.

  • We believe in taking people forward and to give more than the needful, essentially driving those around it to excel, succeed and be better every day.
  • We believe in giving with purpose, and ensure that no matter what we deliver, its impact serves everyone in a sustainable manner.
  • We value in a tomorrow that is stable, sustainable, informed and technologically innovative.

Capacity Building

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES believes in accessing raw talent in people, and building capacities other than those of its own crews. It is due to this determination that we have trained and continue to train various individuals, including and not limited to: Protection Engineers, Tower Erectors and Optic Fiber Technicians. The Tower Erection Teams and Optic Fiber Technicians in Afghanistan, are predominantly trained by NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES. In Pakistan, in our mission to create sustainable livelihoods and empower people, we train villagers in communities, allowing them to access various opportunities available in the region such as Transmission Lines & Substations work. Our future plans include, on job and hands on training on Protection and Control equipment to engineers. This training will assist and equip engineers in becoming competent Testing and Commission Engineers, having the ability to impart their training and know how onto fresh engineers.


In a mission to strengthen technical knowledge amongst workers, NETRASERV, which is NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES’ sister concern, also provides trainings to power system professionals. NETRASERV, offers trainings in SCADA, Telecom, SAS and SMART Grids. Its training programs are tailored to cater the needs of experienced professionals, as well as fresh engineers. Special programs are offered throughout the year in the field of power system planning, analysis, design, operation, protection, maintenance and management – thereby, helping working professionals to improve their competencies, and excel in their career.

Social Responsibilities

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES along with its partners devotedly chooses to empower communities, and works in unison to achieve heightened results. We are committed to minimizing distances through innovation in technology, creating equal opportunities that are relevant and sustainable, and providing access to quality education and health, to those who are most deserving, and underprivileged. We aspire to reach out to all stakeholders and increase our social footprint.

Sustainable Footprint


NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES became fully active in providing relief efforts to those severely affected by the worst floods to hit Pakistan, in 2010. We were actively involved in providing food, clothes and other necessary items to more than 200 families across Sindh, Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. As we are dedicated to being responsible to everyone regardless of race, creed or culture in 2011, we provided relief goods to marginal communities with a large number of Hindu minorities, camped in flood affected areas in Badin district Sindh.

Environmental Management

In our commitment to staying green, we hire experienced personnel, who take into consideration environmentally sustainable solutions and practices. We ensure in getting our designs approved on the basis of green building principles. In addition to this, we take into consideration the health of our workers and ensure healthy residential environments. Moreover, a periodic survey of camps is carried out, keeping in perspective the reconstruction and rehabilitation of sites and areas, after completion of construction.

Ethical Management

In NETROCON TECHNOLOGIES, when engaging in business management, ‘Ethics’ is placed as top priority. All standards for businesses are based on ‘Ethical Standards’ for transparent, fair, logical operations. For us, being ethical, means that our decision making is not only based on economic principals, but also on the premise of ethical practices including practicing transparent accounting, observing fair terms and conditions, honouring legal requirements, abiding by tax laws, and protecting the environment by staying green. This ensures abiding by standards that are fair and upright, and at times stricter in compliance than most law or government regulations.

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES and NETRASERV take their ethical responsibilities seriously and ensure that all its stakeholders including clients, customers, partners, engineers, supervisors and other workers, have a deep-rooted commitment in working with transparency and honesty. This obligation to maintaining ethical standards overall will surely make us the leader in being the best Grid Station & Transmission Line Construction company in Pakistan.

Principals of Management

  • NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES believes that work of all kinds must be divided and subdivided, and allotted to various persons according to their expertise in relevant areas as subdivision of work makes it simpler and results in efficiency.
  • We believe that ‘authority without responsibility’ leads to irresponsible behavior, whereas responsibility without authority makes the person ineffective. Authority refers to the right of superiors to get exactness from their sub-ordinates, whereas responsibility means obligation for the performance of the job assigned.
  • To create harmonious relationship between superiors and sub-ordinates, a sub-ordinate should receive orders and be accountable to one boss at a time. We know that unity of command provides the enterprise a disciplined, stable and orderly existence.
  • Without unity of direction, unity of action cannot be achieved. Thus, NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES believes in one head and one plan which means that there should be one plan for a group of activities having similar objectives, and those activities should be under the charge of a particular manager. It is necessary for setting responsibility of each subordinate to avoid conflicts, confusion and chaos.
  • To expect devotion, NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES believes in fairness, kindness, justice and equality with the employees of similar P&P (Position and Potential). We advise our managers to create and maintain cordial relations with their subordinates, and be fair and impartial while dealing with them. No doubt, at times force and harshness might become necessary for the sake of equity, however it is not encouraged.
  • NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES believes in keeping “order” in all aspects.Material order: there should be safe, appropriate, organized and specific store yards for every article, equipment and material, and every store to be effectively used for specific projects.Social order- Selection and appointment of the most suitable candidate for the relevant post. There should be a specific role for everyone, and everyone should have a specific place so that they can easily be contacted whenever the need arises.
  • “Discipline means sincerity, obedience, respect of authority and observance of rules and regulations of the enterprise”. We believe that it is an important requisite for smooth running of the formation.
  • NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES provides opportunities to its employees to suggest ideas, experiences and new method of work. We encourage our workers to take initiative in the work assigned to them. We believe that it helps in developing an atmosphere of trust and understanding.
  • NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES determines wages based on cost of living, work assigned, financial position of the business, wage rate prevailing etc. and provides free medication to its workers posted at site. We always bear charges to meet any emergent medical call of the employee.
  • We believe that stability within jobs creates team spirit, and a sense of belonging among workers, which ultimately increases the quality as well as quantity of work.
  • For usual communication, we adopt ‘the chain of superiors ranging from the ultimate authority to the lowest”, however, for the sake of convenience and urgency, this path can be cut short and opted for quick and easy communication as temporary measure.
  • An organization is much bigger than the individual, and in case of conflict, individual must sacrifice for bigger interests, however, we prefer to achieve reconciliation between individual and group interests.
  • To inculcate dedication and team spirit, we try our best to follow the following steps:
    • There should be proper coordination of work at all levels.
    • Subordinates should be encouraged to develop informal relations among themselves.
    • Efforts should be made to create enthusiasm and keenness among subordinates, so that they can work to the maximum ability.
    • Efficient employees should be rewarded and those who are not up to the mark should be given a chance to improve their performance.
    • Subordinates should be made conscious of the fact that, whatever they are doing, is of great importance to the business and to society.
    • The managers should infuse team spirit and a sense of belonging. There should be no place for misunderstanding.
    • Workers should enjoy working in NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES and offer their best returns to it as well.
  • NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES believes in keeping a balance between ‘centralization’ and ‘decentralization’.

Safety Policy Statement

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES is a certified Management System as per OHSAS 18001:2007 NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES considers safety as a top priority in everyday activities. It is our policy to maintain our Safety and Loss Prevention Program, and have it be consistent with the best practices of the construction industry as well as those of our clients.

The purpose of this Safety and Loss Prevention program is to protect the life, safety and health of all personnel, as well as to eliminate the possibility of damage to property and equipment while carrying out an efficient work schedule. NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES shall ensure that only the highest standards are implemented during its work contract. Qualified and experienced Engineers/supervisors shall ensure successful achievement of the targets.

The commitment to the safety program shall be firm and persistent, and shall be the responsibility of all the management to ensure all operations are performed with the utmost regard for safety and health of all personnel on the project. All levels of supervisors shall be responsible to enforce viable safety within their respective areas of accountability.

It shall be the responsibility of every employee to support and promote the Safety and Loss Prevention Program in order to ensure a safe working environment, and believe in the following Principles:

  • Moral obligation We shall not place our employees, or people associated with the work of the company, at risk.
  • Regulations We believe that it’s a legal responsibility for us to promote and maintain secure working conditions.
  • Cost-effectiveness We believe that time, effort, and money spent on preventing accidents is much less than the expense of dealing with the accidents afterwards.