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NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES has achieved great experience of executing projects in different part of the world and few of the most difficult locations at International level. The global Exposure and successful accomplished have made NETRACON Technologies much more resourceful, versatile and one of the most expedient formation in the industry.We have undertaken following Type of Jobs at International Level.

  • 500 kV GIS
  • 220 kV GIS
  • 220 kV & 110 kV Grid Stations
  • Transmission Line 500 kV, 400kV, 330 kV, 220 kV, 132 kV & 110 kV


NETRACON has honour to perform the 1st project of its nature in Pakistan. Design & Construction of Civil Works, Installation of 150MVA Transformers, Thyristor Valves, Thyristor controlled reactors (TCR), Thyristor switched capacitors (TSC), Harmonic Filters (FC), Cooling Towers, Pumping system, Control and Protection system which follow the ABB’s MACH 2 standards & conventional 132kV bays was completed for ABB Sweden/Pak by December, 2015.

Installation & enormous work of Welding of Aluminum tubular Bus Bars having the current carrying capacity 7000AMP needed specialized & high standard aluminum jointing for more than 5000 joints.

220 kV Mansehra Sub Station (2X250 MVA 220/132 KV Trafo, 4×220 kV L/Bays, 1×13 MVA, 132/11kV Trafo, 6×132 kV L/Bays, CHB; 1085 Sq.M) is under construction which is expected to be completed by March,217. The job is carried out for CHINT-China.

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES is constructing 132 KV Sub Station at Chitral, Extension works at 132kV Timergarah & Chakdara Grid Stations under EPC contract awarded by WAPDA.

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES successfully completed six AIS 132 kV Sub Stations under GEPCO at Hafizabad, Pindi Bhattian, Sialkot GIS, Phalia, Gujrat, Chianwali and a GIS Grid station at Sialkot on behalf of Hyundai Engineering Company (HEC) during 2012-13.

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES, designed & constructed civil works, installed equipment, tested & commissioned GIS Sheranwala Bagh & AIS Khyali By Pass 132 kV Grid Stations in Gujranwala on behalf of ABB/GEPCO in August & October 2015.

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES constructed, tested & commissioned two 132 kV Sub Stations of Kolo Tarar & Jalalpur Nau (GEPCO area), along with the Turnkey Job of 132 kV Transmission Lines to feed the Grid Stations on behalf of SIEMENS during 2012-13.

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES undertook the job of up gradation of 33 kV Pullandari Grid Station to 132 kV Level as prime contractor by Islamabad Electric Supply Corporation (IESCO). NETRACON fulfilled the responsibility of construction, installation, testing & commissioning successfully and the Grid station was energized at 132 kV level on 6th June 2012.

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES erected 220 kV Switchyard for 175 MW Dossan Power House Dherki on behalf of SIEMENS Pakistan.

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES was responsible for completion of 132 kV Switchyard for 225 MW Combined Cycle Bhikki Power Project on behalf of ABB / DESCON.

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES designed & Constructed Civil Works, Erected, Provided Protection/control wiring, Cabling and Commissioned Six 132 kV Hybrid Sub Stations of Gulshan e Maamaar, Memon Goth, Jail Road, Azizabad, Gulastan e Johar, RPL, in Karachi and finalizing Design & main civil works of Mehmood Abad (before Court Stay order) for ABB Germany-Pakistan Consortium during 2007-9.

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES is privileged to have all the necessary resources for installation, Testing & Commissioning Equipment/Tools like cranes, Hydraulic Jacks, Self-lifting Stands, Transformer Oil Treatment Plants, Oil testing Sets, Circuit Breaker Analyzers, Contact resistance Test sets, Capacitance and Dissipation Factor (C&DF) test sets, Winding Ohm Meter & Tap Changer Analyzer Sets, 5-10 kV insulation Resistance Testers, Transformer Turn Ratio (TTR) sets, FREJA-306 Relay Test system, Primary/Secondary injection sets, Hi Pot Sets, Magnus for CTs, Optical Fiber Splicing Machines (FUJIKURA), OTDRs (JDSU), Laser Source, Power Meters as well as skilled & efficient technicians & engineers with rich experience & sufficient international exposure.


NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES have completed a turnkey job of construction of 2×500 kV Double Circuit Quad bundled conductors (42 KMs) & a 220 kV, 52 Km long LILO for 500 kV Shikarpur Grid Station awarded by NTDC on EPC basis. 220 kV T/Lines were energized in March 2016 while two circuits of 500 kV were commissioned in July 2016. The rest are awaiting approval of shut downs on the existing system since then.

WAPDA have awarded NETRACON-NEIE/Holley Consortium a turnkey job of 115 Km Long 132 kV T/Line from Golengol – Chitral across Lawaree Top of 3500 M altitude to Chukitan. Along with 132kV Grid Station at Chitral. Civil Works & Tower Erection are in progress.

WAPDA have awarded NETRACON/IREEE Consortium turnkey job of 85 Km Long 132 kV Transmission Line from Chukitan to Timergarah & Chakdarah Alongwith 132kV Grid Station Extensions at Timergarah & Chakdarah. Detailed Design along Plan & Profile is recently approved and civil works have been started on the T/line.

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES (JV partner of PCC) has completed the Civil Works, Erection & Stringing of 220 kV Double Circuit, Twin Conductors Bundled Chashma – Ludewala Transmission Line-II. The job of Piling, Pile capping & Elevated Tie beams in the flowing waters of River Jhelum’s Bed in the flowing water conditions were the tremendous jobs done by NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES Civil wing. The Client & the Engineer have hailed the working.

Besides, NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES have completed turnkey Job of 132 kV T/line for Satpara Hydro Works in Skardu, 132 kV T/Line for Pehur Hydro Power Plant in KPK for CMEC/CMIC and completely rehabilitated 132 kV T/line from Jinnah Hydro Power Plant on behalf of Dongfeng, China. NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES have completed 132 kV T/Lines of Hafizabad – Kolo Tarar & Kolo Tarar-Jalalpore for SIEMENS in 2013.

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES is having sufficient Transmission Lines & civil Works Equipment comprising three sets of latest survey equipment of GNSS-RTK (SOKIA/TOPCON), License of PLS CADD, Tower with long list of construction equipment including Two sets of Tensioner/Puller for Quad Bundled Conductors formation, Two Sets of Tension Puller of Twin Bundled Conductor Formation, one TSE for Single Conductor/OPGW, adequate no of stringing blocks, Bull Wire, Stringing accessories, Cranes, Gin Poles (12 Nos) & Winches. NETRACON owns fleet of 4 wheel Trucks (24 Nos), Long Bed Trailers, Ordinary Tractors (5), 4 Wheel Tractors (2), Excavators (12 Nos), Dumpers (3), Shovels (2 No), Compaction Rollers, Full Bag Concrete Mixers (47 Nos) in addition to a 35 CUM Concrete Batching Plant & Concrete pump.


NETRACON TECHNOLOGIESNOLOGIES has performed outstandingly in Afghanistan. NETRACON feel proud of the fact to bring first Electric Power to the city of Kabul in 2005. During the tough day days, NETRACON rehabilitated 110 KV system for Kabul by rehabilitating totally collapsed 110 KV Links to Kabul from Saroby HPP, Naghloo HPP & Mahiper HPP besides playing most effective role to establish 220 kV Link from Uzbekistan with Kabul. This included the most difficult part of 220 kV crossing over 4000 M Altitudes of Koh Hindukush (Salaang Top), sandy Areas of Hairataan to Maazr, Hills & Gorges of Khulm, Mountaneous Jabal Siraj besiodes constructing 220 Grid Station of Pull e Khumeree & Mazar e Shareef. Various but Challenging Jobs of Afghanistan done by NETRACON are enlisted as under:

  • Construction of 220 kV Grid Stations at Syedabad (Maidan e Wardak) & Ghazany by NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES as back to back Contractor for KEC Int’l is accepted as a challenge. The Gigantic civil works for site improvement, 4 Km long Retaining walls, installation of equipment are carried out in the most adverse security conditions being an active war zone. The Grid Stations are in the phase of Testing / commissioning (Jan, 2017).
  • NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES constructed 220 kV Grid Stations at Mazar e Shareef & Pull e Khumeri for ABB – Germany. Similarly, NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES provided assistance to SIEMENS to complete 110 kV Kabul East Substation as well as designing & constructing LILO arrangements for 110 kV Botkhak Sub Station Afghanistan during 2005-7.
  • NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES have fulfilled the responsibility for carrying out the jobs of Installation of ABB Equipment, Control/Protection, Station Automation System (SAS), Telecomm works involving SDH communication, Local SCADA, Tele-Protection signaling, telephony, Testing & Commissioning of 110 kV Substations at Jalalabad, Mehtarlum, Sar-e-Pull, Imam Sahib, Sher Khan Bandar by January, 2013 on behalf of KEC Int’l. While 220 kV Substation Talooqan was energized during November, 2013.
  • Installation, Testing & Energization of 110 kV Sub Stations of Sher Khan Bandar, Imam Sahib, Sar e Pull, Mehtarlam & Jalalabad. (KEC Int’l)
  • 220 kV Transmission Line from Kanduz to Talooqaan – Takhaar (KEC Int’l – NETRACON JV)
  • 220 kV Transmission Line from Kabul to Argandee to Syedabad to Ghazani (KEC Int’l)
  • 220 kV T/Line from Sher Khan Bandar- Pull e Khumeree (KEC Int’l)
  • 220 kV T/Line from Sher Khan Hairatan-Mazar-Pull e Khumeree- Kabul (Partial) – KEC Int’l
  • 110 KV T/Line from Naghlu-Taloqaan-Jalalabad (Stringing)-(KEC Int’l)
  • 110 kV T/Line from Saroby to Kabul Breshna kot (ABB- Germany)
  • 110 kV T/Line from Breshna Kot to Kabul East (Alstom- Germany)
  • 110 kV T/Line from Naghlu HPP to But e Khak to Kabul East, Tee Off to Mahi Per, Tee Off to Pull e Charkhee . (KEC Int’l)
  • Installation of OPGW on Breshna Kot-Saroby, Breshan Kot- Kabul East & Testing/ rectification of other section NE Grid (US AID- LBG/B&V)


MEW, DABS, ABB-Germany, US AID- LBG/B&V, ALSTOM-Germany, KEC Int’l.


NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES has performed outstandingly in Africa and done challenging Jobs by NETRACON are enlisted as under:


In the Western regions of Africa, NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES has outstandingly performed to erect and string the 235Km long 330 kV Aboadze – Volta Transmission Line Project. The Transmission Line Starts from Tukuradi Power House and passes through a very difficult terrain of Marshy & Swamp area along the shores of Atlantic Ocean besides crossing the mountainous terrain as well as passing through the thickly populated suburbs of Accra. Despite having all the toughest factors and situations, NETRACON did the job in splendid way by September, 2010 to earn the laurels of the client (VRA) for KEC/NETRACON.


In the eastern regions of Africa, NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES have assisted KEC to complete the construction of 400 kV GILGILGIBE Power Transmission Line Project in Ethiopia. NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES played the most crucial role to complete the project by stringing more than 100 KM of 400 kV Transmission Line through one of the most difficult areas & thick forests of Africa by May, 2009.

NETRACON has completed stringing of 168 KM long 330 kV Volta-Tornu T/Line. Starting mid-June 2013, NETRACON had completed 114 Km by End September 2013 and then remained waiting a serious ROW problem for more than six months before resuming & completing it by February, 2014.


NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES have shown tremendous efficiency doing the job of Tower Erection & Stringing of 100 KM long 225 kV Kribi – Mangonbe T/Line for Kribi Power Development Company (KPDC – An AES-USA Company) as subcontractor of KEC Int’l. The job was very difficult due to heavy vegetation, forests & continuous rains. All the construction activities were executed under AES – Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Plan to the entire satisfaction of the client. The performance has been highly applauded by the client & end users.


On successful completion of our jobs in Malaysia, M/S ABB-Milano Italy & M/S NEIE sub contracted NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES the stringing jobs of 230 KV & 500 KV double circuit Quad Bundled Transmission Lines in Luzon-Philippines, which were successfully completed in the most efficient manner.

  • Transmission Line 500 kV Double Circuit & 275 kV Double Circuit


After incorporation in 1997 in Malaysia as a Transmission Lines & Civil Works Construction Company, NETRACON got its first major breakthrough when it commenced its formal operations in Malaysia on 500kV line for M/S ZELLECO-ABB SAE SADELMI J/V by taking on a challenging job of foundations and erection of Double Circuit Steel Towers for 500 KV Transmission Line-2 from Ayer Tawar to Buket Tareq in the marshy & vegetation areas of Parak-Malaysia.

  • Transmission Line 500 kV Double Circuit


NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES have constructed civil Works, installed indoor GIS equipment & replaced the old outdoor Equipment with new equipment, tested & energized 500 KV GIS & upgraded control House installations of 3000MW NUREK Hydro Power Plant, Tajikistan for ALSTOM (now GE).

Earlier in 2013, NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES have successfully completed Civil Works, installation Works, testing & commissioning 220 kV GIS Switchyard for Hydro PP, NUREK, Tajikistan along with the installation of OPGW / Peaks for 220 kV OHL from Nuruk to Dushanbe and 220 kV line feeder replacement on 7 opposite substations for ALSTOM.

  • Transmission Line 220 kV
  • 220kV & 500kV Switchyard
  • OPGW Works ALSTOM-Germany & Barq e Tajikee


NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES supervisors always ensure that all the safety measures are taken during execution of works. The workers are regularly briefed about the HSE measures. Briefing the workers to work on height is being done quite regularly.


NETRACON (CONDESCON) have completed 110/6.4 kV GIS Grid station with 2x40MVA Transformers, capacitor banks and 110 kV OHL interconnection at Gardagh, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Working for ASKEC/SEC, NETRACON crews have already erected 351 Towers & strung 81 Km on 380 KV SISED – TEG T/Line besides erection of 188 towers & strung 37 Km for 110kV D/C OHTL from AL-KHURMAH SS TO TEG Sub Station by August, 2016. NETRACON Crews have also completed stringing of 17 KM of 132 kV Double Circuit Muhayil-Shabayn T/Line & 45 KM of 380 kV DC Jazan-Muhayil T/Line besides erecting special Towers (100M High weighing 103Ton) on the top of very steep Mountains in Arafat Area & a few similar towers in Taif Area.


NETRACON Crew has been recently deployed in Georgia to work for KEC International/Georgian State Electrosytem and they have taken in hand the most erection of towers of 220 KV Akhaltsikhe-Batumi OHTL in hilly but very difficult area despite adverse weather conditions. They are showing their expertise to erect Tower structures using hanging Gin pole techniques.